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History & Values

Foothills Tennis and Swim Club (FTSC) was founded in 1954 as the “Foothill Country Club” (the name changed soon after).  The club opened in 1957 on leased Stanford land (the existing site), after three and a half years of imaginative planning and dedicated hard work.  The founding members’ goal was to create a family club, complete with swimming pool, clubhouse and a few tennis courts.  The first Board of Governors consisted of Ted Carter (president), Dudley Zinke and Temp Peck (vice presidents), Gene Hammond (secretary), and Dick Abbott (treasurer). 

The club has always been run with a "do it yourself" philosophy and enthusiastic, helpful members. From the beginning, swim meets, tennis tournaments, dinners, parties, and work days have been directed and put into action by the members. Today, the same principles on which our Club was founded still apply, providing the family-oriented, action-minded atmosphere which makes our Club unique.

Our members share a commitment to the values of the Club community:

Friendliness –  Members, guests and Club staff treat one another in a friendly, courteous manner

Participation – FTSC relies upon volunteer effort to set the direction of its programs and to provide the array of activities that meet member’s priorities.  For this reason, and because friendships are made when people work together to further shared interests, we encourage members to become involved in helping plan and put on our social, swimming and tennis activities.  Opportunities for involvement include working on single events, serving on standing committees (e.g., Tennis, Swim Team, Membership) and on the Board of Governors.

Good Sportsmanship –  In all athletic activities, we place a premium on mutual respect among competitors and on the old-fashioned ideas that one should be modest in victory and gracious in defeat.  We cheer for our own teams, not against our opponents.

Financial Prudence –  Careful management of its physical and monetary resources, based upon long-range plans ratified by membership, allows FTSC to offer quality programs in attractive premises at a reasonable cost to members.