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Court Use & Rules

Recreational use of Foothills' courts is for members and their guests only. The same person may be a guest only twice per month.

Click here to download the Tennis Court Rules

Court Sign-up

  • Before going on court, players must sign up at the sign-up board, even when there are open courts.
  • To sign up for and hold a court, at least two players must be present.
  • Players who fail to sign up before going onto a court may be bumped.

When Courts Are Full

  • Place your name on the board behind Court 3 under “Waiting List.”
  • When a court becomes available, erase your name from the waiting list, and write your name on a card for the court you will be using and your time on.
  • Players on all courts shall relinquish their courts as follows:
    1. After 1 hour and 30 minutes (singles and doubles); OR
    2. When they have rallied 30 minutes in lieu of play.
  • If no one is waiting at the end of your allowable time and you wish to continue playing, you must return immediately to the sign-up board and update the "time-on" information.

Open courts

  • Open play has priority over the courts with the following exceptions. All courts, with the following exceptions are open for member play, including junior players:
      1.  Club tournaments and sanctioned tournaments
      2.  Courts assigned to the pro and assistant pro for teaching
      3.  USTA League play
      4.  Women’s interclubs
      5.  Sunday morning Men's spin-ins on courts 1 and 2, 9-11am

USTA participation

  • A club member who meets the league qualifications must be placed on the team roster at the appropriate level, if such a team is fielded by FTSC.
  • Teams must be made up of at least 50% Foothills members and/or persons on the waiting list.
  • Captains will determine who will play based on ability and team rankings.  Challenge matches may be set up to determine team rankings.
  • Captains are also responsible for submitting a completed roster and match schedule to the office and for coordinating refreshments.
  • Teams must have the Tennis Committee’s approval for court usage.
  • Check the court use calendar for home match schedule.


    • No hitting balls over the fences.
    • Members are discouraged from bringing guests during peak hours.
    • No glass containers may be brought onto the courts.
    • Players must wear shirts and tennis shoes (no black soles) while on court.
    • Tennis courts are reserved for tennis play only.
    • Professional, on-court tennis instruction is restricted to Foothills Tennis Staff unless approved by the Director of Tennis.

    Ball Machine

    • May be used by members over the age of 14.
    • Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult on the court or have received the prior approval of one of the Foothills Tennis Staff.
    • These machines are practice tools, not toys, and must always be used with great care as they can cause serious injuries.
    • Approach machines only from the side or the rear when power is on.
    • Children should never be allowed to run in front of machines.
    • Notify a Foothills Staff member if you need assistance or see unsafe use.
    • Please use court # 7 first, then (in order) 6, 5, 3, 2, or 1. No wait list priority.
    • No ball machine use on court #4.
    • When you sign in, please check the Ball Machine box on your court sign in card.
    • Time Limit is 30 minutes for single player use, 60 minutes for 2 or more player use.
    • No ball machine use 8am – 10:30am on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
    • When Done, please pick up all balls and return machine to shed, including any balls hit over fences.
    • Standard tennis balls only, please, no red, orange or green balls – they clog the machines, and can cause damage.
    • No use when courts are damp. Wet balls damage the machines.
    • Please keep balls off adjacent courts when possible.