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Please call for court conditions, USTA League info, and lessons

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Head Pro: Mariano Parris x104
Associate Pro: Terry Roundtree x112

7 lighted tennis courts

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 Mariano's Article 

New Year’s Tennis Resolutions and Santa’s wish list for your game!!

The upcoming holidays, and then the beginning of a new year, are good times to try new things that can take you and your game to the next level. Give yourself the gift of improving your tennis game by trying things you wouldn’t normally do, like stepping into the court on the returns, or return and come into the net and not stay back. Ask yourself to work on a bigger first serve in practice, develop it and make changes. Most importantly - try to be more positive and don’t allow negative talk get in your head when you play a bad game or a bad point. Learn a new routine for your serving games and a positive ritual between points. 

Make a wish list for Santa – you could ask for the gift of a new stroke that you don`t know yet, like a drop shot, or a slice, or a top spin forehand. Or you could try a new grip for your backhand or learn the continental grip on serves. 

My advice is to have little goals, wishes, or resolutions like this to work on. Trying them in practice with a pro or a friend is a great way to slowly transition them to your game in matches. 

Tennis is a bunch of isolated goals. They can all be worked on, but before you feel ready to play a match, you will have to have all the components synchronized and tuned up. Above all, you need to flow without thinking much about it. 

Oh, and perhaps you will need the most important word in tennis “confidence” - can`t even go to the grocery store without it! If you have lost 3 or more matches in a row, then your confidence might be effected. The best way to build it back up is through hard work, hours on court, and a good plan for consistent practice with lessons, clinics, matches and tournaments. Play with people at your level that you can beat and start the New Year on top of your game and not buried under it! 

Santa might not be able to bring you an “A” game but the feeling of gifting yourself a new “tool” for your game is a fantastic way to get motivated and fall in love with your tennis game.

So, this Christmas give yourself something new; turn your 2019 Tennis Resolutions into a gift - for you, from you! 

Mariano Parris

 Terry's Tennis Tips 

Serve return problem?

When returning serves, most people run parallel to the baseline. This force the returner to take to many steps. This cause them to be late, hitting the ball to the net player, in doubles.


Once you split step and turn, move at a 45° angle into the court. This will allow you to get the ball faster with fewer steps. You should be able to get the outside of the ball. This will allow you to better control of the cross court return, while avoiding the net person and maintain a strong court position.


P.S. Remember to shorten your back swing as you will get to the ball much faster!

 Junior Tennis 

2018 Fall/Winter Fireballs 

Session 1: August 27 - October 4 (6 weeks)
Session 2: October 8 - November 15 (6 weeks)
Session 3: November 26 - December 13 (3 weeks)

Group tennis lessons for ages 5-17. 

Members, Click here for more information and to register online.
Non-members, Click here to download the registration sheet. Please bring into the office with payment to secure your spot.

Terry Roundtree, Jr. Tennis Director 
jrtennis@foothills-club.org :: 650.493.8540 x112

 Adult Tennis Clinics 

If you are interested in joining Terry's clinics, please call the office at 650-493-8540 to check availability. 

Clinics run by Terry Roundtree, Tennis Pro & Junior Tennis Director:

  • For players who want to commit to learning tennis
  • Sign up is by the month, no drop-ins accepted
  • No proration for missed days
  • Co-ed
  • Min 5 / Max 8
  • No alternate list – if you cannot come to a day, please contact Terry beforehand

TENNIS 101 • Mondays 8:30 9:30am
This 1-hour class introduces men and women to the fundamentals of tennis, including strokes, footwork, and game rules. Class minimum is 5 and maximum is 8.
Members, Click here to sign up online.
Non-members, Click here to download the registration form. Please bring into the office with payment to secure your spot.

TENNIS 102 • Tuesdays 8:30 9:30am
In this 1-hour class beginner players progress further in developing consistent stroke production and footwork. Minimum of 5 people per class and a maximum of 8. Participants who have not completed Tennis 101 at Foothills should get approval in advance from Terry.
Members, Click here to sign up online.
Non-members, Click here to download the registration form. Please bring into the office with payment to secure your spot.

TRX/CARDIO TENNIS • Thursdays 12 - 1pm
This is a fun, high-intensity workout for both men and women that combines TRX, tennis, running, and music. No tennis experience required.
Members, Click here to sign up online.
Non-members, Click here to download the registration form. Please bring into the office with payment to secure your spot.

This clinic is for intermediate and advanced players. We will play doubles points and run feeding  ball drills for stroke production, in 15 minute rotations. We will also review doubles strategy and point play strategy.

$25 per person
Sign up by each Wednesday - online or with the front desk