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 Kamakana's Corner 

club tennis pro

Saturdays and Sundays typically have a lot of empty courts after 3pm. During the week 11am – 3pm is the least-used time.

USTA League Update

The Spring league is just about finished. The 18 & over division has as expected challenged Foothills! We entered M3.5, L3.5, L3.0 and partnered with University L4.0, Menlo Circus M4.5, Ladera Oaks M3.0. Match wins were hard to come by! But most rosters were full, few defaults, and most got their minimum of 2 match appearances and some all they wanted. Few players had plus 5 matches and the average was 3. Sure results count but lots of tennis being played after work and on the weekends! The only way to get better is to play more. Anyone want more call the tennis office leave your contact info and I’ll start another drop in/spin in on the weekends. We’ve started a 3.0/3.5 ladies 4th Sat of the month 3cts 11-1. I’m looking to expand into a regular Sat activity. Plenty of room for a men’s & mixed if the interest is there!

New season online and scheduling as I write! Over 55 M9.0, Mxd 7.0, W 6.0, W8.0, L9.0. Most matches will be played on the weekend with start times at 11:00 and 1:30. Newby’s call the tennis office. To find your team do a search for Teams at Foothills https://www.ustanorcal.com/Search.asp

Interclub & PENN League
The interclub meets once a month and plays weekdays in the mornings or early evenings. Unfortunately, only ladies invited. There are different levels for 3.0, 3.5 & 4.0 for more info call the tennis office!

Penn league is one of our more competitive events and is played during non-summer season, Oct- May. Levels include the 4.0 & 4.5 levels. Call Jenny Marsden for info!  

Fill out our 
tennis survey to help us better fit your needs. You may also email us at foothills-tennis-committee@googlegroups.com if you have ideas and suggestions on how to make our tennis program better.

Henry Kamakana, Tennis Director 
tennis@foothills-club.org :: 650.493.3244

 Tennis Mailing Lists 

We have created the following tennis-related mailing lists. The goal of the mailing lists is to help members find and communicate with similarly rated tennis players, and to allow Foothills to provide more targeted tennis communications to its tennis playing members, such as when league teams are being formed or new clinics are being offered. 

Foothills Tennis General

Women's 2.5/Unrated
Women's 3.0 
Women's 3.5
Women's 4.0 
Women's 4.5

Men's 2.5/Unrated
Men's 3.0
Men's 3.5 
Men's 4.0
Men's 4.5

To sign up for a list, send an empty email to the appropriate email address listed above. After a few minutes, you will receive a confirmation email. You need to reply to the confirmation email with another empty email. This step is crucial to validate your email address. 

Instructions for opting out of any list can be found in any email coming through that list.

If you have problems signing up for a group, please click here to contact the Foothills Tennis Committee for further help.

 Junior Tennis 

2018 Summer Fireballs 
June 4 - July 27

Group tennis lessons for ages 5-17. 
Click here for more information and to register.

Terry Roundtree, Jr. Tennis Director 
jrtennis@foothills-club.org :: 650.493.3244

  Adult Clinics by Susan Zaro  

Clinics run by Susan Zaro, USPTA Elite Tennis Pro

  • Sign up is by the month
  • No proration for missed days
  • $25 members only, per clinic, per day - or split among the number of players, depending on the clinic
  • 1 hour in duration
  • Co-ed
  • No Min / Max 4-6 depending on the clinic
  • Alternate and interested list - if you cannot come to a day, it is up to you to find an alternate through this list

Susan is excited to offer the following tennis clinics to the Foothills membership. Sign up for the clinics are monthly with an alternate list. Meaning that if you can’t make the clinic you can find an alternate to take your spot for the week. Members only, cost is $25 per person per clinic; each clinic is 1 hour in duration. These clinics are co-ed and limited to 4 players.

Cardio 3.0+ • Mondays 9 - 10am
Cardio Tennis is a high energy tennis work-out that features, warm up drills, cardio drills and play based games. The work-out builds on a combination of short cycles of high intensity, tennis specific situations which require changing direction, sprinting, recovery from shot making, followed by short periods of rest. These conditioning skills are similar to interval training. The group is co-ed, up to 6 players with skill level 3.0 and above can participate. Cost is split among the number of players.
Click here to sign up

3.0 • Mondays 10:30 – 11:30am
Ever feel you are stuck at that 3.0 level? Susan’s clinics are designed to help you develop the physical and mental skills to improve your game and move you forward to the next level. Court positioning, strategy, technical development and movement will move your goals forward through these fun fast paced clinics. 
Click here to sign up 

2.5/3.0 • Wednesdays 9:30 – 10:30am & 10:30-11:30am
Ever feel you are stuck at that 3.0 level? Susan’s clinics are designed to help you develop the physical and mental skills to improve your game and move you forward to the next level. Court positioning, strategy, technical development and movement will move your goals forward through these fun fast paced clinics. 
Click here to sign up for 9:30
Click here to sign up for 10:30

3.5 • Wednesdays 6 – 7pm
Have you been wondering how to hit the ball harder, develop more spin and keep the ball in play longer, or, on the other hand, how to finish off a point? Then join Susan for this fun Wednesday clinic that will inspire you to reach your tennis potential. 
Click here to sign up

3.5/4.0 • Fridays 8:30 – 9:30am
This long overdue clinic involves fast paced, competitive developmental drills, games and match plays. This clinic is designed to inspire and rejuvenate your love of tennis. For those that wish we will also discuss tactics of the mental game. Come join me on Friday mornings and if possible bring your doubles partner! 
Click here to sign up

For additional info, please e-mail:
Susan Zaro, USPTA Elite Tennis Pro
or 650.493.3244 (14)

 Adult Tennis Clinics by Terry Roundtree 

If you are interested in joining Terry's clinics, please call the office at 650-493-8540 to check availability. 

Clinics run by Terry Roundtree, Tennis Pro & Junior Tennis Director

  • For players who want to commit to learning tennis
  • Sign up is by the month
  • No proration for missed days
  • $25 / member & $30 / non-member, per clinic, per day
  • 1 hour in duration
  • Co-ed
  • Min 5 / Max 8
  • No alternate list – if you cannot come to a day, please contact Terry beforehand

TENNIS 102 • Wednesdays 8:30 – 9:30am
In this beginner clinic, players progress further in developing consistent stroke production and footwork. Participants who have not completed Tennis 101 at Foothills should get approval in advance from Terry.

TRX/CARDIO TENNIS • Tuesdays 7-8am
This is a fun, high-intensity workout for both men and women that combines TRX, tennis, running, and music. No tennis experience required.

For additional info, please e-mail:
Terry Roundtree, Junior Tennis Director

 Is Your Mental Game Up to the Challenge? 
by Susan Zaro
LMFT,BCB, USPTA NorCal Elite Professional
and Sports Counseling Consultant

Is your tennis training program out of balance? Many coaches and athletes devote a large percentage of their time to physical training for competition. Yet, coaches, players and parents often attribute non-performance mental factors as the culprit of why a player didn’t perform up to his/her capabilities. This is illustrated by comments such as; “He didn’t want it badly enough,” “She doesn’t handle pressure well,” “He had a great warm up but couldn’t execute when it counted,” “She becomes so anxious she can’t think clearly,” “He was playing well until the opponent called that unnecessary time out,” “I don’t understand why I play so well in practice and don’t in the game.”
...click for more
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